Refuge LARP's stories focuses on our players being the Heroes of the story (Player vs. Environment). Our games strive for "High Fantasy" pitting the players versus seemingly insurmountable odds. Many times they are victorious, but other times, well, that remains to be seen.

Refuge LARP is a "boffer" LARP with a focus on "Player vs. Environment". That does not mean that players do not have conflict amongst themselves. Far from it. Our stories are ever evolving and players continuously steer our narrative with their actions, or inactions.

We are always looking for more people to join our adventures, whether you are in the Player Camp, or the Monster Camp. It is never too late to join!

New to LARP?

Getting into a LARP may seem like a daunting and overwhelming experience. It can be. But we do our best to help those new to Role-Playing, or those new to physical Live-Action RP to become comfortable with our system and LARP in general.

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Our LARP has designed a robust and cutting edge Refuge Database (RDb) to help you create a character and register for our events. For more information about the RDb, contact us through our social media links (above).

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